Monday, December 7, 2009

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
"Distinguish what is real from unreal."
The essence of reality is spiritual and as this ancient principle implies our job is to discern the spiritual nature of all things. The ability to see from a spiritual verse material perspective is one we are born with, but over time it is often forgotten. Regaining a spiritual perspective of reality happens over time and with practice. First we must learn how to access our own spiritual essence and then practice experiencing it with others. The key is that everyone and every thing is spiritual manifesting materially. Our material existence helps us to grasp and manage the magnitude of our spiritual existence. Until we are ready or have appropriate support or guidance many of us will remain lost in an unreal material existence. Seek to know reality, your spirituality. Ask your sense of a higher power for more spiritual perspective and it will eventually come to you.

Have a blessed day. Peace, Maat E.

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