Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maat E's Mental Health Message

What you give off is what you will get?

Many people live day in and day out frustrated by family members or friends who seem difficult,  mean, irritable and unkind. Many of us feel unhappy in our relationships because we perceive our mates as poor communicators, selfish or uncaring.
Before we can cast the blame on others we have to be lovingly critical of ourselves. It can be difficult, but we have to look in the mirror to see if we are in fact nurturing the negative. Ask yourself, am I being controlling, do I harshly judge, do I treat strangers better than my loved ones, will I curse out my own relative more quickly than someone I don't know? If the answer is yes you must first change your ways before blaming someone else. The energy you put out is what you will get back. Try approaching everyone, yourself included from a place of love and speak honestly yet lovingly no matter what you say. The stance you take can be the one to make the difference. 

Dr. Ma'at E. L. Lewis

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Do what is difficult!

The difficulties we face on a daily basis are exactly the challenges we need in order to learn how to endure the ups and downs of life. Many of us repeatedly question why certain obstacles happen to us. Why can't I find a job? Why doesn't anyone love me? Why is life so hard?  The only valid answer to any of these questions or any other question for that matter is found in the response that includes an understanding of what lessons you are to gain from your troubles. What realization do you need to become more apparent to you. Perhaps you can't find a job because there are forces of racism at work that you have not been conscious of. Maybe it doesn't seem like anyone loves you because you are still learning what it looks like to love yourself.  Perhaps life seems so hard because it is hard and the lesson to learn is how to endure the challenges of life, since they will always be there in some form or another. Do what is difficult, there is something in it for you and you will  eventually see the lesson.