Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ma'at E's Mental Health Message

Know your limits!  There are no limits.Your current situation may be an influence to your current status, but it does not have to be the determinant of your life. Let your will and talent decide how far you can go and how much you can achieve, not the messages of no you receive. If the ancestors like famous opera singer Marion Anderson, born on this day in 1902, can go from being raised in Philadelphia, PA to traveling the world and being a lead performer in the New York Metropolitan Opera Company, any of us can defy odds and limitations to achieve our dreams. Know that your limit has not limit.
Ma'at E. L. Lewis

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Maat E's Mental Health Message

Be History!

During Black History month we turn our focus to the legacy and contributions of the people of African Descent that have paved the way to give us a better life. One of the best ways to honor the ancestors and those that have come before us is to be the history that has been made. Carry out the legacy of some recent or ancient ancestor making a contribution in your own unique way. For some that may mean expressing yourself through art, music, poetry or creative expression. For others it may mean being a teacher, activist, scholar or politician. It may mean being a fully committed mother or a father and simply giving love and care to a child each day. Whatever your contribution, think of yourself as being a part of history instead of just remembering it.


Dr. Ma'at E. L. Lewis