Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Maat E's Mental Health Message

Laughter does the mind and body good.

Take time to laugh every day. Laughter is one of Mother Nature's natural cures. When we laugh we feel lighter and are distracted from distressing thoughts. According to current research laughter helps to benefit our organs by increasing the flow of oxygen and releasing more of the feel good hormone endorphins. Laughter also helps us feel more relaxed by stimulating our circulation, which in turn helps to aid muscle relaxation.  Other benefits that we don't see when we laugh are an increase in neuropeptides that fight stress, disease and that ease physical pain through producing natural painkillers.  So laugh a little each day. It does the mind and body good. 


Ma'at E. L. Lewis, Ph.D. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Maat E's Mental Health Message

Create a network of support.

One of the signs of depression is a loss of interest in normal activities, which can lead to becoming isolated and withdrawn. It is important to be aware of when you start to disconnect from the people you love or find yourself not asking for support.

Before a period of emotional distress create a network of support. This is that collection of people you check in with on a regular basis so you already know who to call when you really need help. A support network does not need to be a lot of people, but can include 2-3 folks with whom you have mutual support and respect. Use your network on a regular basis and you'll feel more confident during the times when you need them the most.

Dr. Ma'at E. Lewis

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ma'at E's Mental Health Message

Eat well, think well, feel well!

Many of us do not know or often forget the powerful benefit of nutrition on our mental health. Mounting evidence supports the common adage "You are what you eat," particularly with regard to mental well-being. For example, low intake of the vitamin folate or folic acid has been linked to increased symptoms of depression. Low levels of zinc and vitamins B1, B2, and C are also found as linked to depression in a number of studies. Eating a variety of quality fresh fruit and vegetables and organic foods can help keep mental health problems away. Many people are concerned about the cost of eating healthy and a lack of access to quality foods. Simple choices like eating more green leafy vegetables, beans, peas and lentils can be relatively less expense choices. Drinking fewer sugary drinks and more water is another step toward health without substantial cost. Socio-economic status does limit ones access to quality food, yet even if we can not control access we can control the choices we make. Choose well, eat well, think well and feel well.

Ma'at E. L. Lewis