Friday, December 25, 2009

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
The greatest gift we can give is Selfless love. No matter what faith, creed or religion we believe in, we are all capable of giving and receiving love. Being selfless does not mean losing ourselves but integrating our higher self into who we are and what we share with others. It means letting a divine power greater than us go to loving work around us. Give freely of this love today. Have a blessed day.
Peace Maat E.

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  1. Ahh yes. Selfless love. That would fall right under "motherhood", "working your purpose" and "very very difficult" :-). I am a newly wed, so when I read this, I immediately apply the message to my own new and chock full of challenges relationship. I imagine its easier to "integrate our higher self into who we are and what we share with others" when that highest self is a larger force within. My poor highest self, smile. She used to be so big and bright. Now, after much neglect, she's learning to shine again, taking cues from me as to wether or not she should rear her beautiful head. I'm currently holding a grudge in an attempt to teach my husband an lesson... Perhaps I can let it go. But I fear, hmph. "He won't learn nothin". As my grandmother used to say--- You gotta teach'em how to treat you!" We'll see which path I choose. Holding back, at this point in time, is so much safer... easier.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I do know its best, gotta get there!