Sunday, May 1, 2011

Maat E's Mental Health Message

Trade in excuses for reasons!
We can all come up with a million excuses for why we did not do something, yet are less likely to have reasons for what we want or need to do. For example, many of us want to loose weight, yet we come up with excuses for why we did not start to buy better food, like it costs too much or why we did not exercise, like we are too tired. Another example is making more money. We have a lack of time as an excuse instead of following our passion or dream as a reason to get creative and hustle. If you find yourself with more excuses for why you didn't do than reasons for why you will, try listing or just thinking of your reasons instead of when you start to make an excuse. This focuses you in the direction you want to go. The next time you have an excuse replace it with a reason.
Ma'at (Erica) Lewis, Ph.D.