Why focus on the breath?

Since ancient times, numerous cultures and spiritual systems have focused on the function of the breath as a resource for promoting health and optimal human functioning. Today, modern mind-body science recognizes proper breathing as positively influencing health and numerous breathing techniques that aid in the healing of a range of conditions.  Our breath is also the most basic element of life over which we have direct influence to promote self-healing.

What is breathwork?

·         Breathwork broadly defined involves using a variety of breathing techniques (e,g., deep breathing, fast breathing, meditation on the breath, etc.) to promote a healthy mind, body and spirit. 
·         The technique we use involves a group process and the practice of accelerated breathing combined with rhythmic music that inspires expanded states of consciousness through activating the soul, mind and physical body's self-healing processes.

How is breathwork beneficial? 

·         The breathwork allows us to connect to a sense of spirit (as you define it). By connecting to our sense of spirit we gain self-knowledge & awareness to help us address life's challenges and maintain what I call everyday spiritual success.

·         The breath is our primary source of biochemical energy and provides a direct connection to our subtle energy centers in the body.  Energetic blocks potentially coming from trauma or life experiences can be released through the exchange of biomolecular information when we breathe properly.
·         From a physiological perspective, when we inhale and exhale rapidly the carbon dioxide levels in the blood fall and the oxygen levels increase.  The oxygen rich blood improves the functioning of our vital organs.  On a cellular level the exchange of these gases allow toxins to be removed and cells to be revitalized.

Who can benefit from breathwork?

·         The breathwork technique intends to help adults seeking personal transformation to grow through self-knowledge, spiritual development and transformation.

·         If you have high blood pressure, heart problems, hernia, ulcers or recently undergone surgery you should consult a physician before participation.  The experience is not recommended for pregnant women as well. 

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