Friday, October 30, 2009

Maat E's Mental Health Message

Even in a black forest there is light! Recently, I had the occassion to walk in a place called the Black Forest. It is named after the thickness of the trees which make it appear at times to be totally black. The black of the forest reminded me of when in our darkest moments it is virtually impossible to see the light. At these times having faith in anything may seem unimaginable. What I learned in the forest and experience in life is that there is always light. In the forest you just have to keep walking, look for a fire fly or wait until the sunrises. One way or another light will shine. As in the forest so it is in life. If we keep moving forward, have faith, or just wait till the sunrises, there will be light after our darkest day. Trust, there will be light.
Peace, Ma'at E.

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