Friday, October 16, 2009

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
When we fail to act or can't control our actions it is important to be forgiving and simply try again. The powers of the Creator and in the universe are very forgiving and resilient. If a flower is stepped on a new one grows. If an ant hole gets knocked down a new one is built. If high tide washes away the sand eventually it is replaced. We have the capacity to forgive ourselves and to be compassionate when we mess-up or don't act right. More important than forgiveness from other people is our ability to show compassion for ourselves when we make poor choices or act out of character. Find love and understanding within first. Let some of it rub off on others and they to may learn to act with forgiveness. We have the power to control our own actions and to influence others more than we know.
Have a blessed day. Much peace and more love.
Maat E.

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