Monday, October 12, 2009

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
Control your actions! It can be very easy to let other people and the circumstances around us influence our behaviors. We may want to place responsibility on someone else (e.g., blame others), yet ultimately as adults, we are fully responsible for our own actions. People or bad situations may set off FEELING unhappy, angry, frustrated or confused. These emotions can be triggered. However, that does not mean that we have to follow our emotions with actions that are mean, aggressive, destructive or violent. Some times we act out of control. The emotion centers in the brain trigger adrenaline and we are responding in harsh ways before we know it. PAUSE before acting on intense emotions. Get in a habit of taking a deep breath or counting to 10 before you do something. In that breath or seconds ask your Higher Power for help. Ask for control over what happens next. Repeating this small skill will begin to help control one's actions before they are out of control. Just keep up the practice. Control your actions for a day of much peace and more love. Peace, Maat E.

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