Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
Our thoughts can become our reality. If we focus on something long enough it is bound to manifest in some form or fashion...the good and the bad. Evidence to support our worst fears will manifest, in part because we are giving the thought of our fear so much power. Likewise, our everday desires can be reality if that is where we focus our energy. Since perception is said to be 99% of reality, whatever we think has a strong chance of being true for the person that thinks it. Try spending time and energy thinking about the outcome you WANT not what you don't want or fear. We all have a divine right to our hearts desire when we are clear about what it is. Ask yourself the question, "Is this way of thinking moving me toward what I really want?" "How does it serve me to think this way." If you don't know the answer KEEP ASKING until it is revealed. Then stay with that thought and watch your perception become reality.
Think today will be a blessed day. Much peace, more love. Maat E.

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