Friday, September 4, 2009

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
Spiritual people have feelings too! No matter how enlightened, educated or wise we become, we will always have feelings and emotional reactions to things. Emotions are biological and psychological. They originate in both the body and the brain. Even if we wanted to stop them we could not. However, they can be changed and managed with lots of practice. We can also learn to lessen their impact. The secret is that we can control the thoughts and actions we associate with the feelings. As we become more spiritually connected we learn to recover more readily from mishaps. No matter who we are we will make errors in judgment and complicated or simple mistakes. Being spiritual is a process not a destination! The point is to be gentle and forgiving of ourselves when feelings get the best of us and to surround ourselves with supportive people who hold us spiritually accountable for our thoughts and action because the emotional reactions are bound to keep happening.
Have a blessed day with much peace and more love. Maat E.

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