Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
Be loving to the people you live with! Are we yelling at our sons, daughters, spouses or mates and saving being nice for our co-workers, pastors, friends and strangers? If so, we cannot expect to have peace in our own house. The universe will just keep surrounding us with more of our own ugly ways. We can't see the Divine in the people we live with because we carry resentment which shuts down the capacity to forgive and love. We can combat this by seeing our loved ones the way we want them to see ourselves...with understanding and forgiveness. If the Creator can do it for us we can do it for each other. Be loving to the people you live with today. Have patience. Be blessed. Peace, Maat E.


  1. This is so true Dr. Maat. The program I am watching right now (parenting and disciplining your children) stated explicitly that the best form of discipline for ANY problem and ANY age is praise! What better way to communicate love than to praise?

  2. Hi Dr. Ma'at:
    I appreciate your view. I wonder you think that often times people experience this difficulty in expressing love and forgiveness because they themselves have not reconciled with past hurts? It seems to me that if one has not learned to exhibit these characteristics towards themselves...their behavior, anger or hurt would be directed towards those closest to them in a cyclical manner. It would seem that there ought to be a shift of focus inwards a means of locating the Divine within oneself...before an external exhibition of same can occur. Thanx...Mary O.

  3. @Mary O. I would agree that past hurts can influence and make it difficult to express love and forgiveness. It is important to forgive ourselves, yet if we are conscious of the Divine then we can practice treating other people and ourselves with love and forgiveness. Thank you for the reflection. M.E.