Friday, September 25, 2009

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
If the pen is more mighty than the sword as the saying goes, then write down your prayers and pray to overcome the force of the so called enemy. The Universe will conspire with us to handle all stress and strife. A major challenge is controlling our actions so that we are doing things in the interest of the outcome we would like and not becoming the very negative energy we are trying to escape. Striking with a sword so to speak or some act of violence or aggression (yes yelling and cursing someone out is aggression) may get our point out, but whether it really gets the message across is another story. Kill them (the negative energy) with love. Our kindness is not a weakness, but a commitment to stay true to who we divinely are. When we stay grounded in love and being ourselves the negative folks and things will go away. Write and journal, use your pen as a weapon. Have a blessed day. Much peace, more love. Maat.

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