Thursday, January 21, 2010

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
The suffering in the world is an unfortunate natural part of life. Automatically we may start to ask "why". The key question is not why did this happen, but rather, why are we given this opportunity. Tragedy is the time to show the best and most loving of who we are. Suffering can move us to lean on one another and to connect more. We have a chance to give selflessly and feel good about it. Of course there is pain, both emotional and physical. All the love and support we can give does not bring loved ones back. It can however, bring us closer to the people with us now. It can give reason to honor the memory of those that are gone. It can heal the wounds that are oh so deep. In the midst of whatever suffering you are experiencing, ask why should I be loving at such a time like this. Don't try too hard to answer the question, just start giving what loving and supportive energy you have left away and the answer will follow.
In the midst of tragedy may there be life, health and vitality.

Peace, Maat E.

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