Friday, January 1, 2010

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
Happy New You! Yes you. The new year is a great time to reflect and renew the person you want to be.
Above all remember that you are a divine spirit, deserving of love, joy and all the happiness you can take. You deserve to be over flowing with abundance, wealth and the comforts of life. The sooner you believe the more quickly it will come. The greatest obstacle to your blessings is you. Remove all doubt that stops good things from coming your way. Remember to give as much as you receive. Have a blessed year full of life, health & prosperity. Peace, Maat E.

1 comment:

  1. Peace Dr. Ma'at. It was lovely meeting you in Buffalo, NY on the Ku'umba day of Kwanzaa. You're talk was a necessary and blessed one for me to hear, particularly on the cusp of a new year. I appreciate your words and the wisdom you reflect from The Highest, The Creator, The Essence, as you so wisely state. I look forward to following your blogs and hopefully attending any lecture/events your may have in the near future. God bless you for the contribution you make.