Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
If our goals are consistent with our purpose, the way will seem effortless at times. When we live and act in accord with what we intuitively know is our path in life, many of the obstacles we normally expect will easily move out of the way. Things in the universe will fall in line with the plan. It will seem miraculous how things come together. If we do experience challenges, it is simply an indication that there needs to be some adjustment to our plan. It probably does not mean we have to scrape the current goals, but be aware that something needs to change. If we use the intuitive knowledge we are given things will go our way.
Have a day full of life, health & vitality. Peace Maat E.

1 comment:

  1. "Using the intuitive knowledge we were given", I like that breakdown. I often refer to this process simply as "go with the flow", the flow of energy or the flow of the Universe. In all my life, when I've most been correct and at peace, without "drama" as they say, its been when I've gone with the flow. I refer to those moments, when everything is piecing together, in the flow, with signs from God and the Universe that you are right on time, I refer to those moments as being "in tune with creation". And the signs I receive, I simply call it "magical". Now, yes, I know, ofcourse it isn't really "magic". But thats the best way for me to put the experience into words when I've received a sign or road post along the way, telling me I'm connected and in tune. That's how it feels. It feels so magical. I just told my husband the other day, "I used to have so much magic in my life". One wrong turn, and it seems like those days are far behind me. But, God is Merciful. We can always get back on track, and right back in tune. If, as you encouraged, we use the intuitive knowledge we are given. I know inherently what to do. Prayer is amongst the first steps. Now if only I can find my consistency. Any help on that? :-)