Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
One day the things we don't understand will make sense! Have you ever been stuck on an issue or obsessed with trying to move past something but just can't make sense of it? We all have. The curse and the blessing is that our thoughts dictate a significant part of that process. Being stuck and obsessed are emotionally charged experiences that we block from release sometimes because we are trying to think through the issues when we may need to feel our way through. For example, you may think about calling someone who did you wrong and tell them how bad what they did is, but hesitate to do it for weeks. There could be guilt and anger you feel for allowing yourself to be involved with the person in the first place. Until you have greater compassion and better understanding of yourself, the emotional freedom you need to act may be stuck and on hold. Until we can experience true compassion for ourselves we are crippled in relating effectively with other people. When the emotional release happens we are free to relate and things make sense. Think about healing for yourself today.
Peace, Maat E.

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