Friday, March 5, 2010

Maat E's Mental Healh Message:
Our own thinking KEEPS us ashamed. The people in our lives (e.g., parents, siblings, friends, chldren, partners/spouses) sometimes do a good job of shaming us about things we have or have not done. Sometimes they lay it on subtly and other times it comes very direct. We have no control over how other people attempt to make us feel (consciously or unconsciously), yet we can be the master of our thoughts and control what we think. If we are feeling ashamed or less than in our self esteem, it is the thoughts we hold on to not just the original act that keep us in a state of being ashamed. We need practice telling ourselves new messages. Spend sometime being aware of what you are feeling. If it demeans you and does not feel right, practice assigning it a new thought.
Have a peaceful day.
Maat E.

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