Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
Trust the process not the person! We are all living the unfoldment of our own spiritual process. Everything is connected to learning how to return to or be in a divine state of peace and harmony with life, no matter what experiences we go through. So when we are dealing with other human beings and we feel scared, angry, hurt, and in distress, it is helpful to trust the process of what we are going through and not the person. The other individual is being used as a tool for you to learn to heal. They are going to do whatever the universe needs them to do in order for you to get the lessons you need. Spend time looking at your response to their behavior as opposed to their behavior. It is much easier to figure out and change your own stuff.
Trust your process. Have a day full of learning, life, health and vitality!
Peace, Maat E.


  1. This post is the perfect response for a post I previously commented on where I mentioned my sister and our relationship. I think that perspective that "the other individ is being used as a tool for you to learn how to heal" is a very provocative piece of wisdom. I just have to trust and etc, etc, etc. I have a million "I just have to's". At this point I probably should make a list!

    Thank you for your words. Glad to be on the list,

  2. There is nothing that we "have to" do. It is a challenging choice that we learn to exercise moment to moment to do anything. Trusting comes with consciousness and practice. Be easy with yourself. When a choice presents itself practice if you choose to.
    Peace, Ma'at E.