Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
Be the victor and not the victim! Bad things happen to good people and good people make bad things happen. No matter how we got to where we are, victory can be our from this point on. Take responsibilty for your healing, self care and actions. Claim what you deserve from this point on and work the process of forgiveness of your self and others for whatever in the past they or you did wrong. Start the forgiveness process by saying gentle and loving things to yourself verses negative criticism or judgements all day long. It is okay. Things happen and we go on. The Creator loves you and I do too. Be gentle and loving.
Peace, Maat E.


  1. I have a sister who treated me pretty badly a few times in my life. She's my oldest sister, and she was supposed to protect/look out for me, instead, she often times was very vile and hurtful. I am having the hardest time putting the practice of forgiveness in my heart and hands with her. I think prayer is the only answer. Its probably not anything that looks obvious to the outside person, but even if I have small time chats or what have you, in my heart, I have no desire to see this person in my life, ever. I think that I need to say "gentle and loving things" about HER... in my heart and mind. Remind myself of her humanity. Hopefully that should work.

    Peace and love

  2. Peace,

    Say gentle things to yourself when you are not thinking gentle things about another person. Be understanding with yourself that you are hurt. When we can learn to be forgiving and gentle with ourselves it is easier to forgive other people when the time comes. For now notice when you are hard on yourself and practice forgiveness of yourself. It will eventually spread to others when you need it.