Monday, August 17, 2009

Maat E's Mental Health Message

Start the day where you spiritually want to stay! Have you had mornings where you wake up and stub your toe or get into an argument for example, and the rest of the day seems to stay 'off'? Nothing seems to go right. Well that initial stress sets in to motion a series of biological activity in the brain that primes you for reacting and continuing to react adversely to stress. By staring the day engaging in whatever spiritual or religious rituals we use to get grounded we prepare the brain to handle repeated taxes on our psyche. Start the day breathing, praying, or meditating. The resources will subconsciously protect you and consciously be in your awareness for use at any time. Start in a spiritual state to stay or be able to return to a spiritual state.
Have a blessed day full of life, health and vitality! Peace, Maat E."

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