Thursday, November 11, 2010

Maat E's Mental Health Message:

We are always in the midst of our own spiritual process. Another way I
refer to this is by saying that we are always in our own
"psycheology". The roots of the words psyche and -ology, are spirit
and the study of, repectively. Our challenge is to constantly stay
aware of our process, studying, understanding and integrating it into
everday life. Living with such spiritual awareness can seem very
hard, yet the rewards of being closer to one's own spiritual truth are
abundant. A sence of peace, balance and order will return with
refocusing awareness on our process. Again, it seems difficult, yet to
be aware is really a gift.

Have no fear or go forward even when there is fear and stay aware of
the spiritual process.

Have a peaceful day.

Ma'at E. L. Lewis, Ph.D.

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