Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Maat E's Mental Health Message:

Our Spirit never gets tired of feeding our soul, but the mind and the body need rest. Fortunately, our Spirit has a Divine source of energy from which it emanates and fuels the soul, mind and body to do their work. Because the mind and body both materially manifest they physically use energy and get tired. This is particularly true when there is a separation between these two and Spirit. To improve that process, the soul makes the link through it's unconscious existence. So the key to maintaining physical and mental energy is being in-touch with our soul to access the power of Spirit. When this happens our energy level will increase no matter what the external circumstance.

Reconnect the soul, mind and physical body to Spirit. May we have life, health, and vitality.

Ma'at E. L. Lewis, Ph.D.

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