Sunday, September 23, 2012

Maat E's Mental Health Message

Learn to accept help.

Some of us have difficulty accepting help from other people. When they tell us they are going to do something we say okay, but instead of letting them follow through we step in and try to do it ourselves because we don't expect the person will come through. In some cases that may be the outcome and we will be disappointed. However it is not because we fear disappoint that we jump to do things ourselves. It is because we need to be in control. Having control leaves us with the false perception that we can dictate the outcome of life's events. It is actually through surrendering to the flow of life that we experience a greater sense of control. This form of control is not over outcomes, but over our emotions. So surrendering by letting someone help you actually can free you from worry, thus increasing control over yourself to deal with whatever result happens in a situation. Practice accepting help from others, surrender to the flow of life and gain control over yourself.

Dr. Ma'at E. L. Lewis

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