Monday, June 4, 2012

Ma'at E's Mental Health Message

Tell the truth!

The greatest dishonor we can do to ourselves is to not speak what is true for us. Telling the truth means speaking honestly from the heart with the intention of bringing good out of what might by all appearances seem bad.  Usually we avoid the truth and make up stories to please other people or to make things look good. In the short term things may seem fine, but over time, the lack of truth creates deception and even destruction. Fear is ultimately at the root of avoiding or denying the truth.  If you are in a situation where you are not being honest with yourself or someone else and want things to change, then ask yourself the following three questions: 1) How motivated am I to tell or face the truth, 2) How confident am I that I can tell the truth and live with the consequences, and 3) What am I most afraid will happen if I tell the truth. May we all have the courage to move forward in truth.

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