Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maat E's Mental Health Message

Miracles don't necessarily occur at will, but they always occur with divine will.

Sometimes we hope for things in life and we wish for certain or particular blessings. Often we expect those desires to come true at will when we think they should happen. Life beautifully and thankfully doesn't exactly work like that. The miracles we hope for usually do not occur at will, but they always willingly occur when we need them according to divine will. This happens because we are worthy and the forces of the universe want to give us help. Thus, the divine order of life unfolds exactly as it should, when it should, to graciously grant what ever blessings we are due. Trusting this divine order and knowing that what you truly need will arrive or happen when it is meant to happen is key. The creative forces of this universe are awaiting the precise moment to willingly provide what you need. Have faith the miracles will come.

Peace, Maat E. L. Lewis

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