Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maat E's Mental health Message

Resurrect your Self!

Many religious and spiritual traditions have a central focus on the concept of resurrection. Biological return to life after being dead. Depending on ones beliefs or philosophy the idea of resurrection can be applied to everyday life to create personal, social and familial success. From a psycho-spiritual perspective resurrecting involves waking up ones sense of spirit that may be inactive and using it to move our mental and physical being. The sense of spirit is that aspect of our self some define as a connection to something greater than yourself. This could be a higher power, life purpose or use of a special talent for example.
It could mean connecting to your sense of spirit to create more healthy and happy habits. Take this time to reflect on your resurrection. Get back into life and live.
Ma'at (Erica) Lewis, Ph.D.

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