Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maat E's Mental Health Message

Everyone has a spiritual process.

Being in a spiritual process is when we either consciously or unconsciously experience a series of actions or events relating to or affecting our spirit or soul. For most people in society this process goes on unnoticed and we are unaware that our spirit is being affected by the daily events that go on around us. When we are unconscious of our spiritual process we tend to miss the opportunity to witness not only mystical events, but the miraculous changes that come when we are conscious. Being  conscious and aware of our spiritual process means honoring the most sacred essence of who we are and trusting that everything is in divine order, even when we can't explain it.  Trusting divine order does not mean we do not take action to make things change, it means we trust that the actions we take will lead to the change that is necessary. This is very difficult when we don't see life as a spiritual process, yet, holding the trust becomes easier and easier the more we acknowledge we are on a spiritual path.  

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