Sunday, January 1, 2012

Maat E's Mental Health Message

Happy New Year!!!

Once again as is the case of all time, a new year has come to pass. In each of our own life times we have seen many years come and go. A great question to ask ourselves is do I live with any regret? What have I done or not done that I would hope to change. If it happened in the past we can not change it and should let it go. If we are hoping for something in the future, the time is not here yet so focus on the present. Living with any regret is simply a product of being focused on something either in the past or in the future that we probably cannot control or change. Since that is the case, it is best to focus on the present and what is happening here and now. Let go of the regret. The past will fade to black and the future will arrive in due time.
We are each blessed with a divine gift to live in the moment. When we do life opens up and we can live it to the fullest. Make the decision to let the light within shine bright right now in this present moment and it will carry you throughout the year.
Peace in the year 2012.

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