Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ma'at E's Mental Health Message

Our own sense of faith is just as valid as everyone else's beliefs. So if what you believe works toward the greater good and inner peace, use it until you find something else more effective.

Many of us hold spiritual belief systems passed down from our families of origin. Some of the beliefs are questionable, particularly when the people who teach them more often than not, do not walk the talk or behave in counter loving ways. Confusion or even resentment may set in for some of us as a way of dealing with the mixed messages about our beliefs. Finding what is right and true in our hearts can be difficult when unsettling emotions exist. Return to the core of what you know to be true, what works, what gives you peace, and what grounds you. We all have that capacity in the core of our being and can tap into it in times of need.

Stay true to what you know to be true.

Ma'at E. L, Lewis, Ph.D.

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