Friday, June 4, 2010

Maat E's Mental Health Message:
Theme of the month: "Have faith in your teachers ability to teach you the truth." - Ancient Egyptian Principle of Virtue

If you see yourself as a spiritual being then it is likely that you have an appreciation for there being something greater than yourself to which you connect for guidance, coping and peace. The extent to which you have appreciation is based upon the clarity you have about your sense of spirit. Get clarity and have faith that your higher power will present all you need by way of life lessons to teach you what is necessary to find your truth. Trust in your ultimate teacher.

Peace, Dr. Maat


  1. AS I am transitioning into my next stage, I feel a need to reconnect with my spiritual self with my life questions - those questions i asked myself when i was forty. Are these my "shoulds" or am i still connected to the shoulds of my past just because? How and where can i see my spiritual help? Who am i making my choices for?

  2. These are wonderful questions to ask yourself...Life is a constant transition and we can easily get away from the source of energy and inspiration that helps us make choices for ourselves. Transition with courage and ask your sense of Spirit for help.